Returning to School

Going Back to School Social Story 
For those who have ASD needs, feeling anxious or are unsure what to expect.


Home Learning

For Parents and Carers

Help children with SEND continue their education during coronavirus (COVID-19)
For parents.

Daily Planner - Working From Home

Supporting Daily Routines During School Closures
A video to help discussions with your child.



Visual Timetables
These are helpful for anxious children, those with low motivation, those with autism, sensory processing difficulties, speech communication and language difficulties and those with sequencing difficulties.

Now and Next Board and Cards
Some children who struggle to concentrate or remain motivated may benefit from ‘Now and Next’ Cards. This is a particularly good way of introducing rewards for task completion. If your child struggles with this, make the ‘target task’ very short, followed swiftly by the reward activity. The reward activity might be a ‘special interest’ such as playing with trains or lego. Gradually, the child will trust the reward process and you can extend the target task gradually.

Web Links

SLCN Stories
Speech and language stories for children, raising awareness and supporting.

Printable Resources

These resources generally support attention and listening skills as well as a range of other skills that are important for successful communication, eg. turn taking, emotional literacy, speaking, auditory memory, language, eye contact, etc. Attention and listening skills are the foundation for communication and are essential in all aspects of life.

Barrier Games (attention, concentration and listening skills; expressive and receptive language skills and social interaction skills)

Barrier Games

Change One Thing Game (observation skills, turn taking and working in a group)

Change One Thing

Dice and Movement Games (listening, attention and taking turns)

Dice and Movement Game

Emotion Charades (listening and attention skills, developing emotional literacy)

Emotion Charades

Eye Game 1 - 20 (eye contact and following eye gaze)

Eye Game 1 - 20

Find The Sound (listening skills)

Find the Sound

Follow The Leader (eye gaze and working in a group)

Follow the Leader

I Went to the Supermarket and I Bought... (listening to peers and auditory memory)


Listening Stories (listening skills)

Listening Stories
Animal Themed Listening Story
A Rainy Summer Day Listening Story
A Seasons Themed Listening Story
Autumn Themed Listening Story
Bonfire Night Listening Story
Christmas Eve Listening Story
Farm Visit Listening Story
Going on Holiday Listening Story
Space Themed Listening Story

Listening Walk (listening to what is around them)

Listening Walk
My Listening Walk Checklist
My Listening Walk Drawing Sheet

Memory Games / Kim’s Game (visual or auditory memory)

Kim's Game

Musical Statues (listening, attention and working in a group)


Musical Statues

Name Race (sometimes called ‘Fruit Salad’) (listening skills)

Name Race

Pass the Claps (turn taking and listening skills)

Pass the Claps

Pass The Whisper / Secret Messages (listening to peers)

Pass The Whisper

Preposition Games (listening, attention and understanding of prepositions)

Prepositions Ideas
Preposition Football Game
Preposition Tree Game
Where is the Alien Game
Bingo Picture and Word Boards
Bingo Picture and Word Lotto Boards
Bingo Picture Boards
Bingo Picture Lotto Boards
Bingo Word Boards
Bingo Word List
Bingo Word Lotto Boards

Sensory Activities (listening and attention)

Sensory Activities

Simon Says (listening and attention)

Simon Says

Top 5 (listening, attention and vocabulary)

Top 5

What's Happening? (Inference)

What's Happening - Challenge Question Cards

What's in the Box? (listening and attention skills, and introducing auditory comprehension)

What's in the Box Rules
Drawing Inferences Activity Cards
What's in the Box Activity Cards - Words Only
What - Where Am I Activity Cards

What’s That Sound? / Whose Voice Is It? (listening skills)

What's that Sound - Whose voice is that


Wink Murder / Winking Witch (eye contact and following the gaze of another person)

Wink Murder - Winking Witch

Weekend / Evening News (turn taking, listening to peers, listening in a group)


Fine Motor Skills

Handwriting - Patterns Playbook

Fine Motor Activities with Kim Griffin (Occupational Therapist)
Daily video activities uploaded to do at home.

Red Ted Art
Simple craft activities to rehearse fine motor skills

Lego Therapy Activities

Pencil Control

Circus - Obstacle Course
Pencil Control and Letter Formation

Scissor Control

Colour, Cut and Glue Giraffe

Gross Motor Skills

Just Dance
Just Dance video clips on YouTube

Obstacle Courses at Home
Keep children regulated (and entertained) - they can plan their own, write it down, test it, change it, most importantly have fun with it. Try and encourage your children to start with fast activities and slow down the pace towards the end, ending in calming activities.

Go Noodle
Movement and Mindfulness

Spatial Awareness

Movement Games and Activities
Focused Activities

Amazing Things Happen!

Introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations. Help...

Video here


School Closure Took Kit

School Closure ASD Toolkit

Handwashing Tips
For children with sensory difficulties

Websites to Support Further

An independent, user led, not for profit voluntary sector organisation, set up to help support young people on the autism spectrum and to raise autism awareness in the community. A CIC is a community interest company which means that we operate as a 'not for profit' company. At express we envisage a social environment where young people on the autism spectrum and their families feel welcomed and secure within the local community.

ERIC, The Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity has been dedicated for over 30 years to improving the lives of all children and teenagers in the UK facing continence challenges.

The National Autism Society
We are the UK's leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. Since 1962, we have been providing support, guidance and advice, as well as campaigning for improved rights, services and opportunities to help create a society that works for autistic people.

IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We also provide training on the SEND legal framework to parents and carers, professionals and other organisations.

Special Needs Jungle
Parent-led information, resources and informed opinion about children and young people 0 - 25

Audiobooks to anyone struggling to access print

How to Sign with Makaton
Nursery rhymes, stories and games for the younger children, through to pop songs for older learners!

Tips and fun things to do with your child if they have a disability or additional needs.
These tips are kindly provided by a parent for parents.

Advice and guidance for families with any disability.


Sound Check - Booklet to Support Reading, Spelling and Writing
Dyslexia Survival Guide

Listening to Stories

Listening Books - UK
An online library to borrow books to stream

KidLit TV

Vocabulary Development

Word Games for Families


Phonics Play
Practise your phonics skills to support reading.

Phonics Play Comics

Carter's Yard Phonics
Phonics cards to view online and print at home.

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

A Day in the Life of a Child With Sensory Processing Issues

The Flourish Kitchen
Cooking that activates all the senses and engage the most challenging of behaviours in children.

Free access to Clicker@home for schools closed by the coronavirus outbreak

A paediatrician's tips for managing ADHD under lockdown

Dr Max Davie, the Officer for Health Improvement at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, shares his four tips for people with ADHD to stay well...

View the video here


Memory Activities

Through My Window


British Association of Play Therapists Facebook

Mindfulness Cards

Wellbeing Resources Zone
Wellbeing and Mental Health Resources for Children, Young People, Families and Professionals


Worry Boxes

Worry boxes can be found in each year group.

These are checked on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week by our Play Therapist, Tiwone.
She will then come and find you and chat to you about your worries, and talk through solutions for you.

Worry Box Form
print off, fill in and post in your year group.

One You Hounslow
This is a great resource full of practical tools and support for how to stay healthy and keep well at home, including recipes, at-home workouts and activities.

In School

Karen Kirkpatrick is our Behaviour and Wellbeing consultant and she will be regularly updating her organisation's Facebook page with useful resources and information around wellbeing to support you at home with your children.

Heartfelt Teaching - Promoting Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Schools
Behaviour and Wellbeing Facebook

Out of School

Youth Bonds - A programme for 8- 12 year olds, which runs Wednesday Thursday and Friday 4.30-6.30pm term time.
Youth Bonds supports young people and their families who are having difficulties at school, at home and in their community. This includes being at risk of crime, anti-social behaviour, school exclusion and those who are vulnerable. The main objective is to engage young people and their families in a range of positive and constructive activities to divert and support the young people away from their high risk lifestyle. The activities are decided by the young people and are designed to be fun. These include, sports, art, cooking, team games, and workshops. Young people are also given support and guidance around everyday challenges. Youth Bonds provides a safe place to learn new skills and make new friends.

Priyanka is our Senior Speech and Language Therapist who words at Victoria Junior School once a week.

She works with children that have a wide range of speech, language and communication needs including children with Autism, Developmental Language Disorder (delayed language skills) and social communication difficulties.

She completes in-depth language assessments with children at Victoria and provides either 1:1 or group therapy sessions working on language and communication skills.

She enjoys providing therapy that is motivating, relevant and exciting for children, this includes using interventions such as: Zones of Regulation, Lego Therapy and social and conversational skills training. 

Facebook link
Free Resources