Subject Statement – Intent, Implementation and Impact

Subject: Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Subject Lead: Mrs Chaabane and Mrs Lever
The intent of the subject is to provide children with an understanding of French culture as well as a basic knowledge of the language. This should be done in an engaging way. Through this, we hope that children gain an appreciation and respect for other cultures. This links to the children in our school as the pupils are very diverse and within our school, there are many children with EAL. Through learning French, we hope to encourage children to be respectful towards one another as well as others within a diverse community. This links to our mission statement as we hope to guide children into adulthood with a high level of tolerance and respect for other cultures around the world.
French is taught in an engaging, stimulating and interactive way. The children should be learning new vocabulary through play and experimenting with language. With this in mind, we have implemented a new scheme. It is an interactive scheme that provides a clear scheme of work. It offers a weekly video lesson with a native speaker and resources to practice the skills. scheme is easy to follow. All staff have details and log ins for the scheme. This year the scheme is mostly delivered by Madame Chaabane, a native French speaker.
Impact and Monitoring:
The impact of French is measured by the French teachers through oral assessment of the children’s ability to communicate. Progress can also be seen through work recorded in the children’s books and children will complete a tracking cloud to record their progress throughout each half term. There should be progression throughout the school as children become more confident in learning the language. By the end of key stage two, children should be able to write sentences and short passages, as well as have conversations through asking and answering questions.
French Knowledge Organiser