Who's Who

Victoria Junior School Staffing List: 2023-24

Mr D Lee
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Wolczynski
Inclusion Manager
Mrs K Collins
Lower School Phase Leader
Mrs C Seevakreedam
Upper School Phase Leader
Mrs S Barham

Year 3
Elm Class: Mrs C Seevakreedam
Oak Class: Ms S Pretty and Mrs C Minto
Ash Class: Miss J Rowe
Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Minto, Mrs R Stevens, Mrs A Sumar, Miss R Gabeyre, Miss T Abdi, Mrs M Sultani

Year 4
Beech Class: Mrs M Lever and Mrs A Ahmed
Ebony Class: Mr A Farmer
Rowan Class: Mr J Robertson
Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Zend, Mrs S Azavedo

Year 5
Magnolia Class: Miss S Ubhi
Willow Class: Mr D Tavey
Holly Class: Miss E Gregory
Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Wright, Mrs V Fitzpatrick-Browne, Miss L Shea,  Mrs R Ather and Miss G Hanvey

Year 6
Laurel Class: Miss H Trew
Cherry Class: Mrs S Barham
Chestnut Class: Mrs F Principe
Teaching Assistants: Mr T Hemmings, Mrs R-L Martin, Miss F Jabarkhil

PPA Teachers
Mrs S Chaabane, Miss C Hay


French Specialist Teacher
Mrs S Chaabane
Music Specialist Teacher
Miss C Hay

Play Therapist
Miss T Mtonga

Sports Coach
Mr T Hemmings

Family Support Worker
Mrs R Begum

Office Staff
Miss C Morris – Admin Assistant
Miss D Huddy – Admin Assistant
Miss A Clements – Admin Assistant

Breakfast Club
Mrs T Vickers,  Miss K Mayger and Mrs S Baylis

Lunchtime Supervisors
Miss A Clements
Mrs V Fitzpatrick-Browne
Mrs J Richardson
Mrs D Wright
Mrs N Zend
Miss L Shea
Mrs T Vickers
Mrs S Baylis
Miss S Hammond

Mr B Chahal
Mrs J Field