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At Victoria Junior School we believe that good communication between school and home is essential. Listed below are the systems that are in place to ensure good communication between school and parents/carers.

 The School Office
The school office is staffed from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  It would be appreciated if telephone calls and enquiries could be made between these hours.   An answer phone is in operation at all other times or if the office is busy; this is regularly monitored.
To assist our busy office, please:
  • Return permission requests and payments to your child’s class teacher
  • Ensure that school meals are ordered and paid for on time on Parentpay
  • Inform the office of changes of address or telephone numbers, as well as information about medical requirements
 Home School Agreement
This is an agreement between parent, child and school where everyone’s responsibilities and expectations of each other are set out. We expect all parents/carers to sign and return the agreement and abide by the points set out within it.  This can be found at the end of this yearbook.
Homework Diary and Reading Record
All children are expected to read daily and parents/carers are encouraged to record their child’s reading in the Homework Diary.
Homework is set weekly for all children to complete. All children will be given Maths and English workbooks to complete.
Curriculum Information
Detailed curriculum information will be provided at the start of term when you will be invited into a parents’ phase curriculum meeting.  Further curriculum information is available on our website.
Parents’ Evenings
You will have the opportunity to make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher in the Autumn and Spring terms. These meetings will give you the opportunity to discuss targets and progress with the class teacher. The Autumn term meeting will also give you the opportunity to discuss how your child has settled in, whilst the Spring term meeting will look in more detail at the progress your child has made in their class work.


In July you will receive a written report from your child’s class teacher along with their grades in reading, writing and maths.


School Letters and Newsletters
You will receive information about trips, clubs and other events via letters from your child’s class teacher, phase leader or the Headteacher. Letters often have a reply slip on the bottom so please check book bags regularly for any notes from the school to avoid missing out on any trips organised. You will also receive a monthly newsletter via email which provides information about events in school and dates for your diary. The school website will also be regularly updated.


Meetings with Teachers, the Headteacher or Inclusion Manager
There may be times when you need to discuss a particular issue that cannot wait for the next parent teacher meeting. Please do not wait, you can either see the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or the Inclusion Manager at the school gates in the morning or afternoon, or arrange to see the class teacher for a short meeting before school or at the end of the school day.  Alternatively, if you wish to email the Inclusion Manager, you can at message the school using SENenquiries@victoria.hounslow.sch.uk.
Parent Pay
Victoria Junior School uses ParentPay to allow parents to pay for school lunches and school trips, as a highly secure payment site. It gives you a history of all the payments you have made and emails a receipt of your payment to the email address you register. It also offers you the ability to set automated email / SMS payment reminders, and gives you the freedom to make payments to Victoria whenever and wherever you like.
School Gateway
At Victoria Junior School, we use School Gateway to communicate with parents/carers.  School Gateway allows us to send emails and text messages, as well as notifications and messages to users who have downloaded the app.