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Speech and Language

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These resources generally support attention and listening skills as well as a range of other skills that are important for successful communication, eg. turn taking, emotional literacy, speaking, auditory memory, language, eye contact, etc. Attention and listening skills are the foundation for communication and are essential in all aspects of life.

Barrier Games (attention, concentration and listening skills; expressive and receptive language skills and social interaction skills)

Change One Thing Game (observation skills, turn taking and working in a group)

Dice and Movement Games (listening, attention and taking turns)

Emotion Charades (listening and attention skills, developing emotional literacy)

Eye Game 1 - 20 (eye contact and following eye gaze)

Find The Sound (listening skills)

Follow The Leader (eye gaze and working in a group)

I Went to the Supermarket and I Bought... (listening to peers and auditory memory)

Memory Games / Kim’s Game (visual or auditory memory)

Musical Statues (listening, attention and working in a group)

Name Race (sometimes called ‘Fruit Salad’) (listening skills)

Pass the Claps (turn taking and listening skills)

Pass The Whisper / Secret Messages (listening to peers)

Sensory Activities (listening and attention)

Simon Says (listening and attention)

Top 5 (listening, attention and vocabulary)

What’s That Sound? / Whose Voice Is It? (listening skills)

Where's the Sweet? (listening, giving instructions and working with others)

Wink Murder / Winking Witch (eye contact and following the gaze of another person)

Weekend / Evening News (turn taking, listening to peers, listening in a group)