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Weekly Wows 5

Miss Richmond:


'Well done to Year 6 for brilliant resilience and effort this week during SATs week. We are taking all of the children bowling on Friday afternoon as treat at the end of SATs week.'


Mrs Stark:

  • Ziaan - Brilliant Maths participation in class!

  • Tyler - Showing amazing progress in all topics. Participation in class and role model behaviour! I am proud to have you in my class Tyler!

  • Kevali - Proud of you for settling in so nicely in your new class. Beautiful work this week. Well done.

  • Olivia - You are a worthy student! Thank you for hard work in all topics.

  • Ronnie - You are a worthy student! Thank you for hard work in all topics.​


Amazing work shown to Mr Lee:


  • Tyler
  • Takunda
  • Daryl
  • Rithvika
  • Niharika
  • Wiktoria
  • Kaman
  • Sahid
  • Ellie
  • Josiah (5 times!)
  • Ethan J
  • Maisie
  • Abdul-Malik
  • Armand


Mrs Wolczynski:

A big thank you to our Curriculum team for arranging the Mystery Book Bags and being so enthusiastic about reading!