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Attendance and Punctuality

Regular attendance and punctuality are very important and we hope that we can work with parents to instil good habits. For children to gain maximum benefit from school it is essential not only that they attend every day, but that they are in good time to listen to the instructions for the day.


If your child is absent from school please either telephone, call in to the office or send a note in with a sibling to notify the school on the first day of the absence. If you do not contact the school we will call you on the first day of any absence.


Frequent absences or lateness are taken very seriously, and will be investigated by the school Education Welfare Officer.


Any absence for which no explanation is given will be recorded as unauthorised absence.

We are required to report absences to the Department for Education and to publish attendance figures in annual report to parents each year.


If you need to collect your child during school hours, please come to the school office and your child will be called over. It is extremely important that you sign your child out and in again if you return your child to school later on the same day.


No child is allowed to leave the premises unless collected by a responsible adult.