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Friends of Victoria

Welcome to the Friends of Victoria Parent Page

We are currently re-launching the Friends of Victoria Parent Association and are looking for volunteers to be class reps - could this be you?


We would like to recruit volunteers to act as ‘Class Representatives’ and work with school leaders and our School Councillors to raise standards, plan and run events and raise money for Victoria.

Class reps will help in setting up user groups for parents in their child’s class and circulating information about the school, activities, dates and feedback.

Reps will help us rally support and plan events for the children - for example discos and film nights and also parent fundraising events like quizzes and food nights .

If you are interested in becoming a class rep, please let a member of staff know!


Class Representatives Key Roles:

· Volunteer parent/carers of children in each class

· Offer another line of communication between the school and home

· Help plan and run events at school

· Share information about PTA activities

· Parents can raise issues with the class rep which can then be taken to the half-termly meeting with the Headteacher

· We hope that class reps will be visible around the school or contacting parents through social media.

· Class reps meetings will be held regularly at a time that suits all